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Our Top 5 Favorite Faux Plants for 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

As we enter the hottest days of summer it's nice to bring a little of the greenery happening outside your windows inside your home. We know that not everyone has a green thumb so we're counting down our Top 5 Favorite Faux Plants for 2020.

5. 6 Foot Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Cost Plus World Market

From Cost Plus World Market, "Lush and lifelike, this six-foot fiddle-leaf fig tree has broad leaves, poseable artificial branches and a sculptural silhouette that make a stylish statement in any space. Potted in a simple weighted stand, you can make this easy-to-care-for fake tree your own by placing it in a basket or pot that complements your decor." Find it starting at $179.99 online or at your local store.

4. Faux Orchid in Glass Pot from Pottery Barn

From Pottery Barn, "With its lush, wide petals, tall stems and striking buds, our Faux Orchid makes a captivating accent. Displayed in a glass vase to reveal the plant’s roots, this exotic specimen has a remarkably realistic look." Find it starting at $69 online or at your local store.

3. 6" Artificial Succulent in Decorative Vase from Wayfair

From Wayfair, "This artificial succulent is handcrafted. This plant will complement any decor, whether in your home or at the office. This professionally-arranged artificial succulent plant is securely potted. It is arranged for 360-degree viewing." Find it starting at $64.99 online.

2. Adiantum Branch Arrangement & 19th C. Spanish Water Vessel from RH

From RH, "Cultivate a lush interior landscape with our exclusive pairing of handcrafted greenery and sculptural vessels. These curated arrangements make a grand botanical statement with organic texture and exceptional realism on a scale that complements any space or setting. Group alone or in multiples for natural-looking beauty that lasts season after season." Find it starting at $49 online or at your local store.

1. Faux Potted Snake Plant from West Elm

From West Elm, "Our vibrant faux Snake Plant lets you flex your green thumb without the work. Already potted, this sculptural arrangement will brighten up any room—no need to worry about watering!" Find it starting at $70 online or at your local store.

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