Vacant & Occupied Staging

Home staging is the art of furnishing properties for sale. Great staging makes a house look both luxurious and welcoming, inspiring an emotional connection that wows buyers into bidding fast and high.

K. Donavan is the premier home staging company in Reno & Lake Tahoe. Celebrating over $200,000,000 in real estate staged making properties more beautiful and more marketable, we treat every space like a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring, artful design.

Vacant Staging Process

Step One

We visit the listing, create a comprehensive plan to feature the best aspects of the home.

Step Two

Once we've come to an agreement, we will schedule an installation date and begin choosing furnishings and accessories to best feature the property.

Step Three

Installation day is here and we will spend the next several hours turning the property into an inviting space that wows buyers.

Step Four

Once installation is complete, our professional photography team steps in to take incredible photos of the property to give it the attention it deserves.

Occupied Staging Process

Step One

We schedule a time that works best for the home owner or real estate professional to tour the home together.

Step Two

We walk the home and provide a written report of the items that need to be removed, repositioned or added to highlight the homes best features.

Step Three

Home seller or real estate professional refers to our written report to put the finishing touches on the home to prepare it for photos and to be listed. Or we can be hired to do it for you!

Step Four

Once installation is complete, our professional photography team can be hired to take amazing photos to feature the listing in its best light.

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