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Top 5 Modern Mountain Home Trends in 2021

What is the mountain modern home and how do you accomplish its style and functionality? Hint: say goodbye to antlers and pinecones. From updated lighting, to cabinet choices and private home offices, we've got the Top 5 Modern Mountain Home Trends for you right here.

5. Modern Chandelier

Tahoe Beach Club home staging

The heavy oversized chandelier is of the past. These pieces double as sculptural art with versatile functionality. "Our clients want a modern and fresh feel," says Jared Russell Co-Founder of K. Donavan, "the days of a traditional candelabra chandelier are out." Whether you're placing them in an entry, dining room or stairway - these chandeliers make a statement and provide a clean fresh look.

4. Natural Wood & Stone Accent Walls

This has been a long standing trend in mountain homes and we don't see it going anywhere in 2021. By bringing natural components to the inside you create a natural insulation element without sacrificing style. Sone, wood planks and tile are best to bring texture and color to any room.

3. Mixed Material Cabinets

A long standing fixture of the mountain home that's on its way out has been oak, knotty pine and cherry woods in the kitchen and bathrooms. "Many of our clients have hesitation leaving behind the traditional wood look, especially in their mountain homes," says Michael Siva, Co-Founder of K. Donavan, "however we're seeing so many bringing in modern veneer, shaker and thermofoil with stunning results."

2. Custom Bunk Beds

So many of our clients are escaping the hustle and confined spaces of bigger cities to the secluded and quiet mountains. However, where do you fit the entire family while maximizing space and comfort? Bunk beds aren't anything new however these bunk beds aren't of your parents generation. With built in lighting, USB plugs and some with their own TV's these custom built in bunk beds upgrade a traditionally small space into your own sanctuary.

1. The Stylish & Functional Home Office

With 2020 bringing in a new era of working from home the home office is no longer something that can be ignored. "Our clients expect a dedicated space away from the main living areas to focus on work," says Jared Russell, Co-Founder of K. Donavan. A small counter space in the kitchen or a desk in the guest room no longer cuts in. Mountain home owners are finding even more creative ways to add a home office that didn't exist before like remodeling closets under stairways or adding a studio onto their property.

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